Board of Directors

Feng Lun

Chairman of the Board

Dr Feng Lun is now acting as the Chairman of Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd., the Vice Chairman of the Urban Housing Development Commission of the China Real Estate Association and the Rotating Chairman of the Real Estate Chamber of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. He once served as the chief compiler of the Report of China’s National Conditions, published the paper, Economic Function of the Socialist Countries, and translated the book, Sturm und Drang - the Mentality of Marx. His newly published writings include the best-selling book, Savage Growth, which reflects the “spiritual history” of Chinese private enterprises. He is also the chief editor of the personal E-magazine -“Apple and Orange”. Dr Feng Lun began to lead the establishment and development of Vantone in 1991 and set up Beijing Vantone Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1993. He once participated in the establishment of China Minsheng Banking Corporation and served as its Venture Director. Known as the “Property Thinker” in China, he initiated the “American Model” of real estate (i.e. turn multifaceted developers into professional real estate investment companies) and actively promoted the progress of the industry as an innovator and pioneer. In 1999, he co-sponsored the China Urban Realty Association (CURA), and acted as the second Rotating Chairman, actively promoting the “New Residential Movement”, an ecological, humanistic and technological undertaking. In 2001, in his paper, Follow the Good Example of Vanke, he strongly advocates for more social responsibility amongst enterprises. In 2003, he planned and promoted the shooting of the large-scale TV documentary, Housing Remodels China, which promoted the development of China's real estate industry and enhanced its moral image. In 2005, elected as the Rotating Chairman of the Real Estate Chamber of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, he concentrated his efforts on the integrity, self-discipline and rights protection of the industry. In June 2004, Dr Feng Lun, together with nearly 100 renowned Chinese entrepreneurs, established the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE), an organization committed to desertification control and environmental protection. Presently, the SEE has emerged as one of the most famous non-governmental environmental protection agencies and one of the largest NGO incubators in China. As one of the core sponsors of the association, Dr Feng Lun has served as Executive Director of the society for two terms and is now President. In April 2008, Dr Feng Lun initiated and founded Beijing Vantone Foundation, a non-public foundation in China, marking Vantone as a socially responsible corporate citizen, acting in an institutional and professional manner. Vantone Industrial and Vantone Real Estate donate 1% and 0.5% of their annual profit respectively to the Vantone Foundation every year for public welfare. The foundation is mainly committed to the building of green-friendly communities and research and development of new technology. Dr Feng Lun has served as the Vice Chairman since the inception of the Foundation. As the spokesman of private enterprises, and an advocator and participator of corporation citizenship and social responsibility, Dr Feng Lun has won the Special Contributor of the Year award many times. Vantone Industrial and its holding company, Vantone Real Estate have won the titles of: “Top 10 Most Valuable Real Estate Brands in China”, “TOP 10 of Wealth Creation Capacity” and “Top 100 Enterprises in Economic Contribution,”. They have also repeatedly appeared on corporation social responsibility lists, including but not limited to the lists of “Outstanding Corporate Citizen in China”, “Model Enterprise of Responsible Real Estate in China” and “Outstanding Contributors of Chinese Settlements in Ten Years". Dr Feng Lun is the major founder, donor and leader of World Future Foundation Ltd. (WFF). He was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Board on Sept. 1st, 2008, and then took the position of the Chairman on Sept. 16th, 2009 which he still holds presently.